Company from Lower Silesia

Vratislavia Engineering

For over 10 years we have been designing E/C and Premium E/C aircraft seats installed in Boeing and Airbus aircraft as linefit and retrofit program. We design in CATIA V5 and carry out FEA calculations in SolidWorks Simulation Premium. We speak English, German and Polish.

We specialize in:

IFE Integration

(Safran, Panasonic, Rockwell Collins)

Mood light & reading light Integration


Air Bag Integration


Sky Couch Integration

(E/C Seats)

Structures of the mechanical elements of seats

(primary structure, seat leg, seat spreader, armrest, backrest, center console, Video In-Arm, table, shrouds)

FEM calculations for individual seat components

(Sky couch, primary structure, seat leg, seat spreader, shrouds.)

  • IFE Integration
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  • Couchii
  • Couchii
  • Couchii
  • AmSafe Airbag
  • Couchii displacements distribution (deflection under load)
  • Seat spreader displacements distribution
  • Seat spreader primary stress concentration (tensile stress)
  • TPL seat primary structure von Mises stress distribution 2
  • TPL seat primary structure von Mises stress distribution

Our solutions are flying in airline planes, among other things: